If not handled in time, it will simply result in quality problems in production and even affect electrical functions, including drawing, tailing, discontinuous adhesive, non-adhesive and affiliated adhesive.
  我们知道,胶水的拉线和尾巴是betway过程中的常见现象,即使是专门用于高速环氧胶的胶水也可能有拉丝现象,胶水更容易掉落,并可能造成假象。 焊接。 这可能是因为未调整分配器必威的工艺参数,例如针头的内径太小,分配压力太高以及针头和PCB之间的距离太大。
  We know that the thread drawing and tail of glue are common phenomena in the dispensing process. Even the glue specially used for high-speed epoxy glue may also have wire drawing phenomena. The glue is easier to fall off and may cause false impressions. Welding. This may be due to the unadjusted process parameters of distributor equipment, such as too small inner diameter of the needle, too high distribution pressure and too large distance between the needle and PCB.
  出于另一个原因,可能无法理解修补胶的功能。 修补胶与施工过程不兼容。 修补胶的质量可能不好,粘度改变或已过期。 其他原因也可能引起拉伸/拖尾,例如对板的静电放电,板的弯曲或板的支撑。
  For another reason, the function of the patch may not be understood. The repair glue is incompatible with the construction process. The quality of the repairing glue may be poor, the viscosity may change or it has expired. Other causes may also cause stretching/tailing, such as electrostatic discharge to the plate, bending of the plate or support of the plate.
  由于上述原因,可以调节工艺参数,可以更换较大内径的针头,可以降低分配压力,并且可以调节针头从PCB上的高度。 一起检查所用贴剂的下载日期,胶水的功能和应用要求,是否适合该工艺? 涂层等。如果贴剂确实发生了变化,则可以更换。 另外,已经证明,控制拉伸/拖尾的一种好方法是将其加热在分配针上或附近,降低粘度,并且贴剂容易破裂,并且不会发生拉伸/拖尾。 自动分配器似乎是一种非常简单的机械装置。 但是,还必须使用一定数量的技术内容才能使用它。 尤其是在安装的情况下,如果在安装过程中出现错误,很容易引起熔化器的故障和不利影响,因此在购买自动分配器时,我们需要请人员进行安装工作。 这里我们将重点介绍安装时要注意的地方:
  Because of the above reasons, the process parameters can be adjusted, the needle with larger inner diameter can be replaced, the distribution pressure can be reduced, and the height of the needle from the PCB can be adjusted. Check the production date of the patch, the function and application requirements of the glue together. Is it suitable for the process? Coating and so on. If the patch does change, it can be replaced. In addition, it has been proved that a good way to control stretching/tailing is to heat it on or near the distributor needle, reduce the viscosity, and the patch is easy to crack, and no stretching/tailing occurs. The automatic distributor seems to be a very simple mechanical device. However, a certain amount of technical content must be used before it can be used. Especially in the case of installation, if there are errors in the installation process, it is easy to cause melter failure and adverse effects. Therefore, when purchasing automatic distributor, we need to ask professionals for installation work. Here we will focus on the installation of the points to be noted:
  1,首先是安全问题,安装时必须先安装地线,当自动betway工作时,会有很高的电压。 为了防止发生事故,必须首先安装地线。 当频繁使用自动分配器时,它会被遗忘很长时间。 如果安装了地线,将大大改善安全措施。
  1. First of all, it is a safety problem. Ground wires must be installed before installation. When the automatic dispensing machine works, there will be a high voltage. In order to prevent accidents, ground wires must be installed first. When the automatic allocator is frequently used, it will be forgotten for a long time. If the ground wire is installed, the safety measures will be greatly improved.
  2,电压稳定。 众所周知,一般的机械必威的工作电压是220V,有些是380V,这些都是需要注意的,电压的不稳定性很可能对我们的机械必威造成严重损害。 减少机器寿命。
  2. Voltage stability. As we all know, the working voltage of general mechanical equipment is 220V, and some are 380V. These are noteworthy. Voltage instability is likely to cause serious damage to our mechanical equipment. Reduce machine life.


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