自动化技术的发展日新月异,结合人工智能(AI)来最大化自动化下载。济南Betwaybetway是一家自动化必威制造商,致力于为客户提供涂必威,涂必威,螺丝机,焊接机。  ,激光打标机等,欢迎订购://
  With the rapid development of automation technology, the combination of artificial intelligence (AI) to maximize automated production. Jinan two component gluing machine is an automatic equipment manufacturer, dedicated to providing customers with gluing machine, gluing machine, screw machine, welding machine. , laser marking machine, etc., welcome to order: //
  该公司推出的betway不仅增加了产量,而且替代了手册,这就是自动betway受到主要制造商青睐的原因。 那么,为您的Betway使用自动分配器必威有什么好处?
  The dispensing machine introduced by the company not only increased the output, but also replaced the manual, which is why the automatic dispensing machine is favored by major manufacturers. So what are the benefits of using automatic dispensers for your business?
  1.易于操作,对操作员的技术要求低。 不是专业人士可以快速掌握操作方法并减少公司培训员工的时间和金钱。 通过改变下载工艺,可以快速投入下载,方便快捷。 它可以自动实现整个下载过程,并负责装卸,夹紧和卸载工作,从而弥补了公司最初使用手动装卸的缺点,从而导致产品质量不稳定和性能不稳定。
  1. Easy to operate, low technical requirements for operators. It's not that professionals can quickly master the operation methods and reduce the time and money for the company to train employees. By changing the production process, it can be put into production quickly and conveniently. It can automatically realize the whole production process, and is responsible for loading, unloading, clamping and unloading work, so as to make up for the shortcomings of the company's initial use of manual loading and unloading, resulting in unstable product quality and performance.
  2.24-hour automation can greatly improve the production efficiency of the enterprise, avoid tedious manual operation, slow speed, error prone and other problems, and meet the needs of mass production.
  3. It can control time and glue quantity, accurately control glue quantity, reduce glue waste, save cost, and ensure glue dispensing consistency and quality.
  4. The automatic dispensing machine can dispense glue in the closed space, which can reduce the harm of toxic substances to human body, reduce labor intensity and reduce the occurrence of industrial accidents.
  通常,使用自动分配器可以节省人力和物力,并且可以快速提高下载效率和分配质量。 它不仅解决了Betway招募和管理的问题,而且给Betway带来了更多的便利和下载效率。 将来,自动分配器将有更多应用。
  In general, the use of automatic distributors can save labor and material resources, and can quickly improve production efficiency and distribution quality. It not only solves the problem of recruitment and management, but also brings more convenience and productivity to the enterprise. In the future, the automatic distributor will have more applications.


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