With the development of science and technology, industrial automation production has become the mainstream. Rubber positioning machine plays an irreplaceable role in industrial automation production. I'm sure you all know the dispensing principle of the dispenser. I won't talk about it here. Many friends may have such questions, which glue can be used to make dispensing machine? The following technicians share:
  Dispensing machine is composed of hardware and software, so the selection of some glue materials is very particular. What glue can be used in dispensing machines?
  For dispensing machine:
  Various solvents, adhesives, coatings, chemical raw materials, solid adhesives, etc., including silica gel, EMI conductive adhesive, UV adhesive, AB adhesive, quick drying adhesive, epoxy adhesive, sealant, hot melt adhesive, grease, silver adhesive, red adhesive, solder paste, cooling paste, solder paste, varnish, screw, wood adhesive, anaerobic adhesive, acrylic adhesive, adhesive wear, crystal glue, glue, glue, corner instant adhesive, rubber, paint, enamel paint, paint Printing ink, coating, etc.
  Of course, there are many dispensers, such as silica gel dispenser, led dispenser, single liquid dispenser, three-axis dispenser, floor dispenser and so on. Each dispenser is suitable for industries that are not needed, and they have different choices for glue.
  Well, the above is a summary of all the glue that our dispenser can use. For specific industry applications, you can consult our company's technical personnel online. To achieve energy conservation and emission reduction for customers, reduce costs, improve efficiency and quality, so as to enhance market competitiveness. Adhere to the true, professional, innovative and leading concept, keep our vision and mission in mind, with the support of most customers and suppliers, the layout of the country, go to see the world, strive to create a world-class automation equipment manufacturer, and contribute to the world's largest "intelligence"!


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