In the process of making hollow glass, it is very important to have a link. The structural glue is used to completely seal the two glass glasses. Because the artificial glue is slow and the seal is broken, a large number of hollow glass production needs hollow glass glue machine. The next one will take you to the debugging method of hollow glass glue machine
  1. The hollow glass glue machine, power switch, control switch and console of the first switch pump are set according to the manual button, then find the origin on the display screen, click the auxiliary origin set, and then click to set the origin. Note that the origin is set to avoid collision with the head and auxiliary suction cup. After setting, return to set the thickness of glass. After input, click set to enter. Command, such as position is consistent with current position value
  2. 打开个胶桶按钮,按下工作选项拍胶开始,然后按下切割
  2. Open the first rubber barrel button, press the work option to start tapping, and then press the cut button
  3. If you need to adjust the pressure of the glue machine, you can click the screen to return to find the sealing formula and display the current sealing pressure. If each side is short of glue, you can increase the pressure. Glue with large pressure and glue with small pressure can be used. If it is found that there is not enough adhesive on one side, it will be shown in the sealing formula that it has been sealed. Seal up, seal down and seal down, start to seal up the adhesive on the side, and then order from top to bottom
  4. 如果某边只有少量或大量的胶,稍微调整一下胶的扫描量,量大的胶量大,量少的胶量小
  4. If there is only a small amount or a large amount of glue on one side, slightly adjust the scanning amount of glue. The large amount of glue is large, and the small amount of glue is small


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