1 Betwaybetway配件链接方法是由各种零部件通过不同连接方式组合而成的。常用的机械连接有两大类:一种是在机械工作时,被连接的零部件之间可以有相对位量的变化,这种连接常称为机械功连接,如各种运动副;另一种是在机械工作时,被连接的零部件之间的相对位置固定不变,不允许产生相对运动,这种连接常称为机械静连接。本章主要介绍机械静连接的内容。
  1. The connection method of hollow glass dispenser parts is composed of various parts by different connection methods. There are two kinds of commonly used mechanical connections: one is that when the machine is working, there can be relative position changes between the connected parts, which is often called mechanical work connection, such as various motion pairs; the other is that when the machine is working, the relative position between the connected parts is fixed, and relative motion is not allowed, which is often called mechanical static connection. This chapter mainly introduces the content of mechanical static connection.
  2 Betwaybetway零件连接又可分为两类:一类是可拆连接,即允许多次装拆而不失效的连接,包括螺纹连接、链连接(包括花键连接和元键连接)和销连接;另一类是不可拆连接,即必须破坏连接的某一部分才能拆开的连接,包括铆焊连接、焊接和粘接等。另外还有过盈连接,其配合面大多为圆柱面,安卓不同的过盈量,可以得到可拆连接或不可拆连接。过盈连接纳构简单,对中性好,承载能力高,应用广泛。
  2. The connection of hollow glass gluing machine parts can be divided into two categories: one is detachable connection, that is, the connection that allows multiple assembly and disassembly without failure, including threaded connection, chain connection (including spline connection and meta key connection) and pin connection; the other is non detachable connection, that is, the connection that can only be disassembled if a certain part of the connection must be damaged, including riveted connection, welding and bonding. In addition, there are interference connections. Most of the mating surfaces are cylindrical surfaces. Different interference values can be used to obtain detachable or non detachable connections. The interference fit connection is simple in nano structure, good for neutral, high in bearing capacity and widely used.
  3 Betwaybetway常用螺纹的类型主要有三角形螺纹、矩形螺纹、梯形螺纹和锯齿形螺纹。其中,三角形螺纹主要有普通螺纹和管螺纹,前者多用于紧固连接,后者用于各种管道的紧密连接。三角形螺纹主要用于连接,而矩形螺纹、梯形螺纹和锯齿形螺纹主要用于传动。
  The common thread types of hollow glass gluing machine are mainly triangle thread, rectangle thread, trapezoid thread and sawtooth thread. Among them, triangle thread mainly includes common thread and pipe thread, the former is mainly used for fastening connection, and the latter is used for tight connection of various pipes. Triangle thread is mainly used for connection, while rectangle thread, trapezoid thread and serrated thread are mainly used for transmission.
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