To solve the problem of the shell of the glue gun of the hollow glass glue gun, we must first remove the trouble and solve it pertinently.
  The main problems are as follows:
  First adhesive oxidation caused by plugging.
  Too many impurities in the second glue
  Third, it has not been cleaned up
  With the increasingly fierce market competition, some manufacturers use a lot of impurities in the poor quality silica gel glue, long-term use leads to the blocking of hollow glass glue machine gun, what should be done?
  Reasons for blocking of glue gun of hollow glass beater:
  1. 在上胶过程中,中间中断时间长,或累计多次,施胶结束时清洗不彻底,特别是在夏季温度较高时,胶水固化快。
  1. In the process of sizing, the intermediate interruption time is long, or accumulated many times, and the cleaning is not complete at the end of sizing, especially in summer when the temperature is high, the glue solidifies quickly.
  2. AB组分气压不足,体育不均匀,出胶慢,容易产生颗粒。
  2. The air pressure of AB component is insufficient, the mixture is uneven, the glue is slow, and particles are easy to be produced.
  3. B components are not inspected and cleaned. Component B is very sensitive to water vapor. Due to the occasional factors such as transportation and storage environment, the crust of component B may occur on the surface, and when the crust part is pressed into the pipeline, it is easy to produce particles
  4. 滤网和单向止回阀很久没有清洗了。
  4. The filter screen and check valve have not been cleaned for a long time.
  5. B组件压力板上的o形环使用时间长,已经松动。
  5. The O-ring on the pressure plate of B-component has been loose for a long time.
  Solution for blocking the glue gun of hollow glass glue machine:
  1 .胶料的断胶时间应多长,建议在断胶前,断胶时间应根据每天前不同的温度和湿度而定。另外,现在客户经常要求胶液固化时间快,中断时间长一点容易造成颗粒的出现。
  1. How long should the breaking time of rubber compound be? It is suggested that before breaking, the breaking time should be determined according to the different temperature and humidity of the day before each day. In addition, customers often require fast curing time and longer interruption time, which is easy to cause particles.
  2 .简单处理是用刮板刮去外壳,不影响胶水的使用。
  2. The simple treatment is to scrape off the shell with a scraper without affecting the use of glue.
  It is recommended to clean the filter, one-way check valve, electrostatic mixer and glue gun regularly.


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