Gluer plays an important role in the production of electronic communication industry. In the double liquid dispensing machine, once there is a chemical reaction with N, P, s and other organic elements, the reaction will occur rapidly, which is often called the phenomenon of silica gel poisoning in the double liquid dispensing machine.
  Cause analysis of double liquid rubber packing poisoning:
  When silica gel is used in double liquid dispenser, addition reaction of silica gel is needed, that is, addition reaction of silicon hydrogen bond and silicone bond in silica gel. Because the addition reaction is based on platinum, the mixture of the two produces an unstable compound.
  This hybrid material is susceptible to changes in some physical and chemical structures or composite structures, and then easy to lose catalytic activity with hydrogen and vinyl silicon bonds, if added to silica gel during vulcanization or curing, including a catalyst, it can be added to any material forming ("PT" reaction (two surface contact, etc.) under normal curing conditions.
  If the silicone rubber is not cured (the reaction before and after the country is still liquid), or the treatment is not complete (the silicone rubber cannot reach the required elastomer or hardness after curing, or the surface becomes sticky after curing), this phenomenon is the occurrence of catalyst "poisoning".
  This paper introduces a method to avoid silica gel poisoning of double dispenser
  First of all, in order to avoid the occurrence of silica gel poisoning, avoid the use of double liquid pouring machine for contacting organic compounds containing phosphorus, sulfur and nitrogen, or avoid the use of double liquid pouring machine for polyurethane, epoxy resin, unsaturated polyester, concentrated RTP silicone rubber and other products.
  When using silica gel produced by different manufacturers, the silica gel of the original double liquid dispenser must be gradually cleaned from the barrel to the rubber pump to avoid the sealing poisoning of the rubber source.


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