Hollow glass glue machine is very simple in function. Focus on the insulating glass gluing, but the insulating glass gluing machine may encounter the problem of incomplete gluing in the gluing process. Today, we specially introduce the insufficient glue of the insulating glass glue machine.
  In fact, we have this problem mainly caused by the following three conditions!
  First, the speed of glue application is too fast
  In order to speed up the production schedule, some customers adjust the sealant to think that the speed is too fast, so that the head of the sealant which still does not meet the qualified standard has been moved to the next position for glue operation. If we need to speed up the adjustment of the movement parameters of the glue machine, we also need to set the corresponding glue supply system, such as this time we need to increase the supply pressure, increase the glue speed Degree, so that the glue machine with the object moving speed increases. If we only increase the speed of the glue machine without adjusting the pressure, it is likely that the glue is not enough.
  2. 供胶压力不足
  2. Insufficient glue supply pressure
  In fact, this situation has been described in the previous situation. Even if the speed of the glue machine is not adjusted, there will be insufficient glue application. Then it is possible that the glue pressure supplied is too small. At this time, we just need to adjust the glue pressure to solve this problem perfectly.
  3. Nose damage sensor
  This is very rare, but it cannot be ruled out. At the head of our insulating glass gluer, there is a sensor that can detect the depth of the aluminum strip. If the aluminum strip is too deep or too shallow, it will automatically adjust the movement speed and glue pressure (the automatic adjustment range is small). This can happen if our ribbon itself is of different hues, plus damage to our sensors!
  I hope that this kind of problem can be found in your device through the expression of Xiaobian, which can effectively solve the problem without worrying about it. If you have any questions about the insulating glass gluing machine, please feel free to contact us.


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