In order to adapt to different needs, there are various types of glue applicators in the market, and the double liquid gluing machine is currently widely used equipment, which will be used in many industries. What problems should be considered when selecting the double liquid glue machine?
AB epoxy resin, AB polyurethane, AB silicone and other glues are very commonly used. For the need of using the two-liquid mixing dispensing adhesive effect, the double-liquid gluing machine can achieve better results than the ordinary one. The two-liquid glue applicator can grasp the curing time of glue according to the different proportion of mixed glue, which is more conducive to the needs of production line production!
The problems to be considered in the selection of double liquid glue applicator are as follows:
Mixing ratio of glue used: there is a range for the mixing ratio of glue for any glue applicator, which is usually 100:100-100:10; if the glue used is not in this range, it needs to be reconsidered.

Jinan two component gluing machine
Whether there are fillers in the glue: there are two ways to control the glue output of the double liquid glue filling machine, one is through the gear pump, the other is through the screw pump! Gear pump in the presence of filler glue, for a long time easy to wear, resulting in inaccurate glue output, mixing ratio is not accurate, point out the product does not dry for a long time. Screw pump in comparison, more wear-resistant some, these are based on demand for selection!
Product dispensing demand: to consider the product limit each time the small amount of dispensing is, for example, the key product is 1g, the glue ratio is 10:1, which is equivalent to the glue output of glue B to reach 0.1g, the machine limit is small, how much is the glue, you should compare and compare when you buy the machine, to see if you can meet the requirements!
Production efficiency: if the production volume is large, you can consider the XYZ manipulator or multi head gluing machine. Although the price of such equipment is higher, it can also bring better efficiency. If the production volume is small, it can be completed with single head gluing machine or even without XYZ manipulator!


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