In the rolling process of automatic rubber mixer, there are corresponding activities between colloid and liquid in the adjacent liquid layer. The collision resistance between these two layers is called colloidal viscosity.
  The influence of colloid viscosity of automatic dispenser on the product:
  Colloidal viscosity is very important to packaging accuracy, packaging cohesion and overall packaging quality. Therefore, colloidal viscosity is an increasingly important parameter in the packaging process of automatic dispensing machine.
  The use and packaging of automatic batching machine in the packaging process, we found that each gel viscosity useful steps to achieve control, has been an important issue for manufacturers of fluid control settings and all industries, the next automatic dispensing machine manufacturers to introduce colloidal viscosity anomaly solutions.
  One of the most common steps for colloidal viscosity is to assemble heaters, which is one of the most common and fastest methods of all.
  In some specific packaging conditions and packaging conditions, the colloid temperature should be matched with the packaging process when it needs to be increased. In a certain range, the high temperature of the colloid causes the pulse to decrease, which leads to the temperature transition, thus ensuring the consistency of the fluid.
  Other requirements and colloid viscosity packaging, colloid viscosity and intermediary operation are also a large-scale reduction and modification of automatic dispensing machine in the packaging process often occurs after wire drawing frequency, liquid automatic dispensing machine, glue machine in the process of packaging, bit rate and viscosity range of all packaging product quality impact in the long run. The control process and technology of colloid need to be further strengthened.


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