Most of the friends who buy the two-component glue machine do not know what the main parts of the glue machine equipment are made up of, which brings us a lot of trouble. Today, the editor will write a simple literacy to introduce to you the core components of the two-component glue machine. In this way, it will be convenient for us to choose a glue beater or use it in the future.
  At present, there are three common types of two-component glue punches on the market, namely vertical two-component glue punch, horizontal two-component glue punch and end gun two-component glue punch. Today, Xiaobian introduced to you a horizontal two-component glue punch, which can also be called a small two-component glue punch.
  Horizontal two-component gluing machine is popular with consumers because of its small space, high production efficiency and low price. At present, most of the domestic hollow glass manufacturers have purchased and used this equipment.
  Horizontal two-component gluing machine is mainly composed of two parts, gluing system and gluing system.
  It can be understood from the literal name that the glue supply system is mainly the equipment which provides colloidal support for the final hollow glass coating. The quality of the system directly affects the stability of the glue supply. If the glue supply of our glue dispenser is unstable, it will cause the final product glue to be not full or the product quality to be seriously defective in some places where glue is more or less.
  供必威主要有A组份提胶泵、B组份提胶泵, A、B胶增压装置,高压柱塞泵,A、B胶泵连接装置,双组分比例调节机构,高压出口安全分流装置,液压控制系统,气动控制系统及电器控制系统等组成。
  The rubber supply machine mainly consists of A component rubber pump, B component rubber pump, A and B rubber booster device, high-pressure plunger pump, A and B rubber pump connection device, two-component proportional adjustment mechanism, high-pressure outlet safety diversion device, hydraulic control system, pneumatic control system and electrical control system.
  The working flow of the rubber supply system is roughly as follows: component A rubber extraction is provided by the electric gear pump, which is transported through pipeline to the pressure boosting of the oil-driven high-pressure A rubber plunger pump. Component B rubber lifting is provided by pneumatic reciprocating pump, which is piped to boost the pressure of component B high pressure plunger pump driven by oil pressure.
  The volume ratio of A and B glue is adjusted by a two-component proportional adjusting mechanism, and then fed into the mixer of the glue punch. The mixer consists of more than 36 mixing devices. The two-component glue is fully mixed and then reaches the glue punch system. The glue is coated on the edge of the hollow glass for edge sealing.
  The gluing machine system mainly carries out the final gluing operation, which is composed of PCL control system and various photosensitive sensors. The operator will put the hollow glass waiting to be glued into the area to be glued, then the equipment will automatically detect and carry out the automatic gluer according to the parameters set by the operator. If some consumers need three-wave gluing, the equipment will automatically detect and operate three-wave gluing. There is no need for manual intervention or for each piece of glass to be set up during the whole process.
  At present, the newly developed two-component glue beater also has the functions of fully automatic cleaning rubber hose, rubber head, automatic induction and judging the location of equipment failure, which greatly saves the time of operators.
  Some basic contents about the two-component glue machine are introduced here. If there is any unknown or any other needs, we can leave a message below. The editor will reply at the first time.
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